Another Gluten Free Contest

My friend Kim is having another contest for gluten free food/products!

take a stroll on over and check it out!

crossing my fingers - I love freebies!

Awesome Contest for Great Food!!!

So, my friend is having a contest on her blog. She writes articles on Gluten Free food, eats Gluten Free and is all about the Gluten Free!!

Check out her blog and her contest!

Actually, I'm glad I got the push to add her to my blog roll. I finally figured out how to do it!

Special Request from an almost 3 year old

So, when I have time, I really do make these cute little things. I made Julia some turtle sandwiches (same idea, but I used ritz crackers and a little turtle shape).  So, now she's been asking for them.

Mom - can you make me butterfly today? How can I say no?

Mel likes them, too. I think I used to do these for her. I think I made them with real sandwiches, with bigger shapes.

The only drawback is it is a bit of a food waster. But, they love it. And I love seeing the look on her face - she is so impressed - if she only knew how simple it is.

proof is in the rays

proof that the sun does shine in NJ

i see you

the sun finally peeked


My mind begins to wander

I can't keep up with the quilt along I'm supposed to be doing. It isn't a big deal - just one 9 patch every day. I'm so behind. I think by at least 3 weeks. It started April 21....ugh. I have 15  -9 patch squares done. I did order some fabric from Etsy, so I have pieces to work with, but I think they are 5 inch squares- that doesn't help me. They are supposed to be 2.5 in squares......I guess I'll have to order more!!!
I made a bib for Julia last night at class. She does not like to wear blue or green or red, only pink or purple so I whipped up a cute little bib and she was happy it was pink! She is (somewhat) easy to please. Very flimsy - just two pieces of fabric, no toweling, or fleece or vinyl - just cotton - you can practically see through it, but it works. 

So, I promised my SIL a scrapbook of our trip to NYC. I am determined!!! I will do one. I'll make two - one for me, one for her (or, them - the three of them, I'm sure, would like it).

So, tonight, I'm going to start!!!!

or, maybe tomorrow.....


Another stolen creation


While Joey was sleeping, I thought I'd try this out. I had some scrap fabric I got from Joann's (from one of those bins). I didn't follow it exactly, and the edges could be a bit tidier, but it works (and it motivated the girls to clean up their mess of play dough).

I used some batting as the mattress filler, since the poly fill stuff made it  a little bulky. I sewed the blanket all the way around, so now it is like a sleeping bag. 

The girls love it!